Moroccan Red Clay Artisan Salt Soap

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Our new range of Sea Salt Soaps are great for drawing moisture to your skin, this aids in retaining moisture without a greasy feel that you’d get from some heavy moisturisers. Our salt soaps give gentle exfoliation and in turn can assist in regulating the natural oils in your skin. 
Salt soaps have also been known to aid in neutralising body odour. 

The addition of Rhassoul Clay in this Sea Salt Soap is to aid in nourishing the skin whilst also providing detoxifying properties. Rhassoul Clay is said to be high in minerals that benefit the skin, also offering exfoliation for sensitive skin types.

A sweet and floral scent offering zingy citrus notes, balanced with floral vines. 

Top Notes - Mandarin, Pine Needle

Middle - Grape, Neroli

Base - Vanilla, Malt, Jasmine and Cedar


Weight - e140g when packed

*each bar of soap is unique and can’t be guaranteed to be the same as photos due to handcrafting process 

Storage - When not in use, allow soap to drain and dry out to ensure longevity. 

IngredientsOlive Oil, Coconut Oil, Aqua, Sodium Hydroxide, Castor Oil, Fragrance, Australian Sea Salt, Rhassoul Clay, Tinanium dioxide.